Wednesday Bible Studies

Wed Night


Study on Stewardship of Time, Talent & Treasure.

Foundational Principles of Real Discipleship

A detailed look at the first principles Jesus taught his followers about being true students / disciples of his.

The Church In The Age Of Crisis

This is an overview how we as Christians can weather the storms during times of trouble.  This powerful lesson show us how we can still be faithful during a crisis.

Living A Spirit Filled Life

This study reveals how the Holy Spirit works according to the bible and how Christians can life a life led by the Word of God.

Teach Us To Pray

This overview or Jesus teaching his disciples to pray is key for every saint.  It provides a core understanding of why prayer is important and how we should do it.

Open Bible Study

Wonderfully simple home bible study


Why Am I A Member Of The church Of Christ?

A comprehensive study on biblical justification on why one would be a member of the church of Christ.