Community Engagement

By our community engagement initiative, we extend the ministry of the church beyond the walls of the church building and into our immediate and surrounding communities in which we live, work and operate on a daily basis. Our purpose is to meet needs while showing the Spirit of God that lives in us. This manifests itself in a variety of community projects such as: health and wellness initiatives, distributions of food, clothing or school supplies. We are partners with charities and foundations to meet the needs of our community. Our hope is that as we not only meet these needs but exceed the needs as we will lift the name of Jesus Christ.


Our education ministry is the foundation of our ministry structure. Through this, we aim at providing a spiritual foundation for each member of the congregation from infant to seasoned adult through a curriculum designed to bring them to the perfect knowledge of Christ and His sacrifice for our sins. We have devised a curriculum that teaches the same principles throughout the congregation on age appropriate levels so that families can study together at home and grow together. 


“Go ye out into the world…” as a church body, we are serious about bringing lost souls to Jesus Christ and improving their knowledge of Him that they may lay hold to the Hope of salvation. Here, we encourage each member to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hold private bible studies upon request with the aim of baptizing new members into the body of Christ any day of the week and as often as they are called by God.

Marriage Enrichment

‘Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it…” Psalm 127:1 keeping our marriages strong in the congregation is one of our principle aims. Our marriage enrichment ministry is designed to do just that. Bi-weekly marriage classes are taught by our senior minister along with regular fellowships among couples that encourage our marriages to be strong and Godly. In addition, they help reinforce Godly principles of marriage. We recognize that the marriage is the foundational unit of the church body, thus our ministry efforts in this area are of great importance.

Men’s Ministry

Our men’s ministry is targeted at keeping strong, spiritually minded men rooted and grounded in the faith. As our men go, so goes the body of Christ. Therefore our men’s ministry is an aggressive push to meet the needs of the brothers of the congregation, keep their fellowship tight and authentic and also a means to devote ourselves to the word of God on at least a monthly basis together as a group. In so doing, we hope to develop our brothers to be apt to teach, preach, serve and do the Lord’s work, lacking no good thing in the body of Christ.


The seasoned members of the Lord’s church have so much to offer to the greater church body through wisdom and knowledge but they are still yearning for growth and the fellowship among the saints. In this effort, we target our seasoned members specifically to ensure they are never overlooked or feel left out of any specific area in the church body. Through outings catered toward helping them to enjoy the calmer seasons of their lives while providing service opportunities for continued growth and regular devotions, we aim to keep our seniors healthy, growing and gracefully continuing to work in the kingdom of God.

Visitation Ministry

Jesus said “I was sick and ye visited me,” in Matthew 25:36 and thus he set the example for this ministry. Our goal through visitation is to regularly check in on and encourage our members who are unable to make it out to corporate worship service. In so doing, we hope to show them that we love them and keep the connection of fellowship between them and the greater church body. In turn we know that those who are visiting are also gaining something from the contact with members who are sharing with them how God has been, despite their circumstance.

Ladies' Ministry

Our Ladies' ministry is designed to target the needs of the sisters of the congregation. Our sisters, we recognize, have a specific set of spiritual needs that deserve special attention. The activities of this ministry are designed to meet those needs along with a strong emphasis on serving our greater community and looking outward as well as inward. As God transforms our women, they in turn will transform the world around them.


Our worship ministry is designed with specific attention to making sure our worship service meets the highest standards of reverence to almighty God. We seek to position prepared vessels who under the guidance of the Holy Spirit will offer the of best of service and praise to God.


Youth Ministry

Our Youth ministry is aimed at giving our youth a spiritual foundation upon which they can create a successful spiritual life going forward. We hope to train, mentor and teach them in the ways of Christ and make them comfortable taking larger roles as adults in the worship service and serving in the congregation at large. As young people, we know they have specific needs also. We meet those through our classroom instruction in bible study and also through regular fellowships and outings aimed at giving our youth a firm foundation as well as a bridge into adulthood.